With legalization, regulation and education, this is a great time to try cannabis.

There has never been a better time to try cannabis, but the amount of options available these days can be a bit overwhelming to new consumers. With legalization and regulation, the cannabis you purchase from dispensaries is tested and approved by certified laboratories, dosages are precise, and there is a wide array of fun, safe and tasty ways to try cannabis.

Try whole flower for the most direct, old school experience cannabis, or go modern with convenient, accurate doses from edibles or vapes. Vaping is a convenient, discreet and tidy way to consume cannabis in a way that is also very controllable. The effect arrives quickly, and can be increased as desired until its just right. Edibles are also convenient, discreet and tidy but once you put in your belly, there’s no turning back. The effect takes longer to arrive and lasts longer as well, so just start with a small dose (5mg or less) and work your way up if needed. From micro-dosing to strain specific effects, there is a cannabis product for anyone who wants to experiment safely. Learn more in our handy Buyer’s Guide.