Silver Lake Caregivers cannabis dispensary interior

Silver Lake Caregivers Group dispensary is proud to present our new website, complete with online ordering, delivery and express pickup, and a handy Buyer’s Guide for new cannabis patients and recreational users. There’s even a few tidbits of information there for experienced cannabis users who might want to try some of the new and exciting methods of cannabis preparation and consumption. Take a look here at all of our wonderful Brand Partners like .50Cal cannabis, Dosist, GanjaGold, Honeydew Farms, Humboldt Farms, Cann beverages, Cannabis Quenchers, Flav, Kiva, Papa & Barkley, Chill, Heavy Hitters, STIIIZY and so many more.

Owners Tolabus and Ericka Stein have been in business since 2006, going through many relocations, letters from landlords to move, and visits from the DEA to stop operating. Through it all they have persevered and grown, and now they serve thousands of medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers alike.

Besides a thriving dispensary business, SLGC and related businesses now offer their own high quality flower line, logistics and distribution, and vape oil processing. We look forward to serving you online here and IRL at the Silver Lake Caregivers Group dispensary, located at 2464 Fletcher Dr. in Los Angeles, CA.