A woman sits alone at sunset and knows that self care and cannabis

Why self care is crucial right now

Self care and mental health has been rising in profile across all spectrums of society for quite some time now. Now that we are in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, even more focus has been placed upon self care and mental health, and with good reason. The relationship between them and cannabis use is being explored far more than it ever has been before, and interest in these relationships is only going to keep growing. Many of us are dealing with the stress of being parents and providers in this time of uncertainty and change, or just single folk doing our best to stay afloat, healthy and solvent. Maybe your family depends on you, and maybe you depend on others. But really this is true for all of us, we all need each other. Making sure you are as healthy and happy as you can be right now is a crucial component of successfully navigating challenging times. We have to make use of all the tools we have to manage the stress of being constrained, worrying about finances, the general economy, and wondering how friends and family are doing. 

Silver linings

Fortunately for many of us in California and in other states, cannabis has been deemed essential. The coronavirus shelter in place rules are providing time for introspection and learning how to live closer with our immediate families. We are living together, cooking together, and learning together in ways we have never had to before, or at least not for generations. I think back to how it must have been for settlers and homesteaders in the American West, when a family unit had to cook, hunt, grow food, and learn together as a matter of survival and it feels a bit like that now. We’ve come a long way since then and these days we can make use of technology to stay in contact. However exposure to too much of that can also become a source of stress. Many of us are already pretty burned out on Zoom meetings and online happy hours, and then there is so-called “doom-scrolling” or obsessing over news especially late at night when you should be resting. Going on a news and social media diet might be a good idea. For a little extra help with distractions at night, certain types of cannabis can be very helpful with insomnia and other sleep disturbances like joint pain and inflammation. 

Self care is not selfish

A woman sits alone at sunset and knows that self care and cannabis can be related

Another positive outcome of today’s situation is that self care is not seen as selfish! Both cannabis and mental health have carried a negative stigma for many decades, and thankfully now we are disposing of these taboos and opening up healthy, realistic conversations about them. There is a lot of stoicism that can go along with being a parent or member of the family that provides for others, and these days we all understand that only by taking care of ourselves first can we care for others successfully. Just like they say on the airplanes, put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on others. Just like back in the Wild West days, toughness is important, but so is self care. Sensitivity and honesty is needed to moderate much we can take on. It’s time that we all welcome support from any source, whether from other people, techniques like meditation or medicines like cannabis. 

Cannabis is a Swiss army knife of care

Cannabis can help you in a variety of very different, sometimes opposing ways. It can help you relax, stay alert, spur creativity, help you escape, be more aware of yourself or reduce physical pain and inflammation so you can either keep going or achieve a more restful state. One of the amazing things about cannabis is that with the variation and control that is available over strains, dosages, and mediums for delivery we can achieve a wide variety of health benefits and results. Indica dominant cannabis is known to create more physically apparent sensations of relaxation and pain suppression, while sativa on the other hand is known to be more associated with effects of creativity, spontaneity, loquaciousness and alertness. CBD as opposed to THC is known to be associated with effects on the reduction of perception of pain, reducing inflammation and anxiety. Even the typically skeptical of cannabis site WebMD can’t deny that CBD “could be effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, particularly social anxiety“. CBD also does not have any of the psychoactive effects of THC, so it’s perfect for anyone who might be concerned about being affected while needing to stay on top of their duties and responsibilities but still manage some pain or anxiety. In all cases, the techniques for growing, testing, and extracting have made dosages extremely accurate. It is very easy to start with very small doses and work your way up to just the right amount to produce just the right effects, since everyone may have slightly different responses to the different types of cannabis compounds. 

Moderation and safe, versatile options

Like with anything that is good for you in some amount or another, don’t overdo it. It should also go without saying right now, but to be safe avoid sharing joints, pipes, bongs, or vape pens with anyone. Not that you ever need permission for this, but you are completely justified in suiting your own tastes and preferences. You can choose exactly what works for you and keep it to yourself! With the high degree of dosage accuracy and control that can be achieved with today’s cannabis products, you can be reasonable and effective at the same time. Typically you can achieve faster results with products that are inhalable as they enter the bloodstream through the lungs very quickly. Alternatively you can achieve a slower, time release effect with products that are ingested since they go through your digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream. This is not a hard and fast rule with all edible products though, and not under all conditions. For example when eating cannabis on an empty stomach, you may experience the effects much more quickly than after consuming a large meal. Additionally, not all edibles have exactly the same absorption rate since some of them may be mixed in with other elements like when presented in cookies or chocolate, or can even be made with nano particles like  that absorb more quickly than with other edible manufacturing methods. 

Since we have a coronavirus that attacks the respiratory system going around, it’s important to be careful with your lungs. Fortunately there are a ton of options for getting cannabis into your body that don’t require using your lungs. We have a wide array of ingestibles from edible candies, cookies, lozenges and gummies, to drinkable liquids and tinctures as options. Tabs that dissolve under your tongue, and topicals that absorb through direct contact with your skin are all great options. Skin balms, body creams, sugar scrubs, transdermal patches, and oils are all perfectly good mediums for applying cannabis and achieving positive effects without putting any strain on your lungs. 

Silver Lake Caregivers is here to help

As one of Los Angeles’ longest operating medical dispensaries, Silver Lake Caregivers Group began early in cannabis regulation when CA Proposition 215 was passed, making medical cannabis available to those with a doctor’s recommendation. Since 2006, Silver Lake Caregivers Group has provided affordable high quality cannabis products to customers throughout the greater Los Angeles area. We welcome both medical and recreational users. Whether you call it weed, pot, marijuana or something else, we have something that will appeal to any cannabis consumer. 

Silver Lake Caregivers Group believes in the power and promise of cannabis, including enhanced health and wellness along with a heightened sense of joy and purpose. We embrace diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. We continue to operate with the sole purpose of providing safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis. We have relocated many times, received letters from landlords to move, and visits from the DEA to stop operating. This only made us stronger and more committed to staying on the frontline of the cannabis movement. In January of 2018 we also began serving recreational customers as a fully licensed cannabis retailer. While we have gone through many changes, the one thing that remains the same is the gratitude we have for the opportunity to serve our neighbors in the Los Angeles area with an array of excellent cannabis products at reasonable prices. We strive to provide each guest with essential knowledge of cannabis strains and distinctive forms of cannabis that are consistent with their individual needs. 

All products for purchase in store or online from Silver Lake Caregivers have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are free of pesticides, heavy metals, molds, and other undesired materials. All products are also tested for potency and stated in percentages of THC and/or CBD. We are constantly learning, researching and connecting with new vendors, brands and partners to improve our selection. Keep an eye on our site and our webstore for the latest innovations and of course all the tried and true ways to make use of this amazing plant material in all its incredible forms.