Silver Lake Caregivers dispensary in Los Angeles offers delivery services for the Los Angeles Silver Lake neighborhood. We also serve Glendale, Atwater Village, Glassell Park, Elysian Valley, Elysian Heights, Griffith Park, Cypress Park and Victor Heights.

Cannabis dispensaries continue to be deemed “essential” in Los Angeles, and are allowed to stay open during the coronavirus order.

To continue serving our community in a safe and effective way, we have enabled the delivery option on our online store. Simply go to the Menu, select your products and choose the delivery option. We hope we can help all of you stay healthy, safe and as happy as possible during this shelter in place period.

Link to Los Angeles County FAQs for coronavirus:
See the section “What are essential activities and what businesses that will stay open?”

Message to our customers from the SLCG family:

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, Silver Lake Caregivers Group is taking every measure to maintain a clean and safe environment for our patients, staff and anyone visiting our location. In efforts to keep doors open as long as the city allows, we are taking the following precautions to ensure a safe and clean environment for our customers.  Precautions Include:

  • Regular sanitizing (every 30 mins) of every shared surface and countertop
  • Modifying display products to limit physical handling
  • Wearing of gloves and frequent washing of hands by all SLCG staff
  • Encouraging social distancing in our queue lines, limiting amount of patients allowed on the sales floor to 3 patients at a time 

We are dedicated to supporting our community and loyal customers and are taking all the necessary precautions as recommended by the CDC to ensure our store is safe and sanitary.  Thank you for your business and support during this time.

– The SLCG Staff

Silver Lake Caregivers Group dispensary is proud to present our new website, complete with online ordering, delivery and express pickup, and a handy Buyer’s Guide for new cannabis patients and recreational users. There’s even a few tidbits of information there for experienced cannabis users who might want to try some of the new and exciting methods of cannabis preparation and consumption. Take a look here at all of our wonderful Brand Partners like .50Cal cannabis, Dosist, GanjaGold, Honeydew Farms, Humboldt Farms, Cann beverages, Cannabis Quenchers, Flav, Kiva, Papa & Barkley, Chill, Heavy Hitters, STIIIZY and so many more.

Owners Tolabus and Ericka Stein have been in business since 2006, going through many relocations, letters from landlords to move, and visits from the DEA to stop operating. Through it all they have persevered and grown, and now they serve thousands of medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers alike.

Besides a thriving dispensary business, SLGC and related businesses now offer their own high quality flower line, logistics and distribution, and vape oil processing. We look forward to serving you online here and IRL at the Silver Lake Caregivers Group dispensary, located at 2464 Fletcher Dr. in Los Angeles, CA.

Weedmaps is one of the most popular cannabis platforms in the country right now, but a large chunk of their growth has been fueled by illegal or so-called gray market businesses. This week they came out with a statement that they will cease listing illegal cannabis businesses by the end of the year, and begin requiring a state license number for all marijuana retail listings on its site. Legal operations have been struggling to compete due to the higher costs of compliance, marketing, branding and packaging, and setting up physical operations. This is a good step towards creating a level playing field for those that play by the rules.

The LA market is one of the most active areas for cannabis sales, and has more than its share of black market and gray market activity that makes it difficult for legal proprietors. While some insiders and pundits see this as capitulating to pressure from regulators and lobbyists for the legal market, Weedmaps is framing this as a proactive move to “foster a flourishing legal market” as stated by CEO Chris Beal in their press release. They also tout some free services for social equity programs that purport to make the boom in cannabis more supportive of those who may have been criminalized for participating in the past. We’ll keep an eye on this space as the marketplace and the rules continue to evolve.